How do I access AllData PFM?

AllData PFM is a value-added tool for you and all members to view their financial trends and better budget for financial success.

To learn more about what AllData PFM has to offer, visit here.

To access this tool, you must first log in to your online banking. You will see a menu at the top of the page, select Trends.

This will bring you to the AllData PFM dashboard. Within this platform, you can:

  • Add Accounts

  • View calculated Monthly Cash Flow

  • View Net Worth

  • View and Set Budget Watch

  • View and Set Savings Goals

  • View Recent Transactions

  • View Top Expenses

  • View Asset Breakdown as Pie Chart

  • View Top Investment Positions

  • Access the Help Center

Need further assistance? You can also call us at 518-654-9028 for support during normal business hours.