How do I know if I qualify for Courtesy Pay?

Courtesy Pay is contingent on your HRCCU consumer checking account being open for at least sixty (60) days and thereafter you maintain the account in good standing, which includes the following:

  1. Making regular deposits consistent with your past practices.
  2. Depositing an amount equal or greater than the amount of discretionary Courtesy Pay extended to your account and bringing your account to a positive balance within the thirty (30) day period for the minimum of 24 hours.
  3. You are not in default of any loan greater than thirty (30) days or other obligation to HRCCU.
  4. You are not subject to any legal or administrative order or levy.
  5. New HRCCU members must wait sixty (60) days from their date of enrollment to participate in the Courtesy Pay Program.

These transactions will be processed with a fee. To view our fee schedule and details, visit here.

Accounts not fulfilling these obligations will have Courtesy Pay suspended.

Need further assistance? You can also call us at 518-654-9028 for support during normal business hours.